Environmental Project Management
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EPM Services

Workplace Audits & Inspections

These can be carried out on a regular basis, within the Company e.g. monthly, annually or as you desire. We can arrive unannounced and carry out an examination of the working conditions, equipment, plant/machinery, work methods, workers records, administration, production and subcontracted work within your business or work location.

We can also keep the statutory Workplace Forms up to date during these inspections. This helps to keep standards raised to the level required for safe and healthy working conditions. We can keep accident records and investigations up to date and compile useful statistics.

A full report is issued to management prior to the inspector leaving the premises.

Duration and frequency will depend on the individual workplace.

Our Health & Safety services are in effect acting as the clients Safety Advisors thereby assisting on a very regular basis to control and manage Health & Safety at your workplace.